Урало-Сибирская профильная компания (УСПК)

Aluminium profile according to drawings
- industrial and civil purpose

Exported goods: Aluminium profiles (different size and section)

HS code: 7604210000, 7604291009, 7608208108, 7604299000

Goods supplied by the Ural-Siberian profile company for export have the following basic properties:

• Alloy: EN 6060, 6063, 6082, 6005, A5, AD0, AD1, AD31, AD33, AD35, AMTs, AV.
• Minimum polymer coating thickness - 60 micrometers.
• Minimum profile wall thickness - 1 mm.
• Tolerances for dimensions and shape of profiles - in accordance with state standards.
• Are not dangerous to life and health, do not harm the environment, do not violate labor safety.
R&D: Scientific and technical center INICIAL:
Everything starts with him.

Easy start of any project anywhere in the world: a qualified staff of design engineers makes all calculations as accurately and quickly as possible, makes the necessary sections of construction project documentation, feasibility studies, develops new aluminium products.

INICIAL Alu-systems are created by us with the participation of leading Russian and foreign research centers and companies.
Aluminium profile according to drawings

1. Your application.
2. Development of design documentation.
3. Manufacture of the necessary equipment and tools (matrices, a set of dies for the press complex).
4. Making a prototype and agreeing with you.
5. Delivery in industrial volumes.