Урало-Сибирская профильная компания (УСПК)

INICIAL architectural systems

Aluminium system:

We are the developer and manufacturer of the Aluminium System.
We design, manufacture and supply our customers (processing companies) with finished aluminium systems.
The systems consist of a set of aluminium profiles and components (seals, cuffs, brackets and hardware, fittings).
The systems are used by our clients for the subsequent production and installation of the aluminium translucent structures.
R&D: Scientific and technical center INICIAL:
Everything starts with him.

Easy start of any project anywhere in the world: a qualified staff of design engineers makes all calculations as accurately and quickly as possible, makes the necessary sections of construction project documentation, feasibility studies, develops new aluminium products.

INICIAL architectural Alu-systems are created by us with the participation of leading Russian and foreign research centers and companies.
Our technologies:

We are an engineering company focused on solving the main problems of consumers:

• Heat and saving on energy resources during the operation of buildings and structures both in hot and cold climates (TERMO UNIT technology).
• Maximum insolation (SOLARTECH technology).
• Manufacturability of assembly and service (TECHDRIVE technology).
• Minimum leakage (AQUASTOP technology).
• Durability, reliability.

Our technologies 1: TERMO UNIT by INICIAL
Maximum energy efficiency

INICIAL systems have improved energy-saving properties due to the use of the TERMO UNIT resource-saving technology.
TERMO UNIT is a combination of advanced polyamide thermal bridges, specially shaped soft foam extruded insulators and co-extruded foam seals.

Our technologies 2: WATER STOP by INICIAL
Maximum tightness and drainage

We develop and complete our systems with special polymer parts that contribute to the maximum tightness of future structures.
These parts are supplied to us by leading Russian and foreign companies.

Our technologies 3: TECHDRIVE by INICIAL
Fast Installation

Our R&D center develops special solutions that allow you to assemble future designs easily and quickly.
This is very important for manufacturers of structures, as well as for installation-companies that assemble these structures.